Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The WorldFamiliesNetwork Summary pages for the ROWE Surname DNA project have been updated.
Main changes on the Patriarchs page:
- place holder pedigree for Nicholas ROWE, poet laureate, aka the ROWEs of Lamerton, Devon,  extended a little to place him in context (more coming in time)
- new UK ROWE pedigree included, that for Edward ROWE of Durham (d. 1633), which line is now represented in the DNA project

Main changes on the Results page:
- corrected the default table embedded on the page direct from FTDNA to be the colourized version showing the mismatches
- updated the Y STR results for a couple of those in the tables linked to the pedigrees (scroll down below the default table), added the results for the descendant of Edward ROWE, including the link to his pedigree

Pretty please - if you are one of those tested Y-DNA in the ROWE project, check how your results look.
Does your most distant ancestor show?
Do your results even show?
The cause of either not showing lies in your hands.
Check your settings from your FTDNA account's "Manage Personal Information" link.
Recommended settings, and explanations thereof linked from this post in the related DNASurnames blog

Hope you continue to find this DNA journey fascinating.

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