Tuesday, April 14, 2009

13th: Web site tweaks

Further to the pedigree posted yesterday, the WorldFamilies Patriarchs page has had some links created to the supplementary pages for the Broadclyst Devon pedigree.
And the introductory ROWE page on the DNA Projects Portal has had a few tweaks, mainly including a ROWE researcher index and adding Broadclyst to the map, which now opens at Devon and showing where three of our Patriarchs came from.
As it states, these supplementary pages by no means show all of the ROWE participants, focussing mainly on those with a proven paper trail connection to Devon, or a dna match to those that do, "match" being used in a very loose sense and may not be within genealogical timeframes.

More pedigrees for particpants welcome (we do seem to be missing rather a lot of them), either via the links on the WFN pages, or via gedcom to the administrator (preferred, and less error prone for updates). Any gedcoms will only be used for dna project purposes, and no dates/places for living individuals included on-line.

Monday, April 13, 2009

12th: Pedigree posted for our new participant

An outline pedigree has been posted for R-33, our newest participant.
Rather early to tell, but it looks like there might be some interesting distant dna matches with the other two Devon based trees, should we ever be able to find any paper connections.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

11th: New member, some updates

The addition to the project of a transferee from the National Genographic Project prompted a check of the existing results.
Updated results have now been posted for one of the kits who had upgraded his markers, and the results received to date for the transferee have been added.

I also had a quick look at whether or not any exciting new matches between participants had snuck in when I wasn't looking.
Checking only those tested to the same number of markers:
The 67 marker tests still only have the two known lines with their confirming matches.
For the 25 and 37 marker tests none are showing as close matches with each other.
For the 12 marker tests R-21 is an exact match to R-30 but would need an upgrade in markers to see how close that might be in practice.

Any member who hasn't yet lodged a pedigree is welcome to do so, and any ROWE (and variant surnames) males interested in seeing if they have any unknown genetic relations out there are very welcome to join in.

Should anyone have any interesting ROWE webpage links they'd like added to the supplementary pages on the DNA Projects Portal, click on the compiler link on those pages to notify the webmaster of the details.