Friday, July 10, 2009

10th: R not E

Whatever it was that showed R-17 as E1b1b1 instead of R1b1b2 was a temporary glitch.
He has been restored into his rightful place under the R1b1b2 group which predominates our results to date.
Results page updated to reflect the above.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

9th: Result update/haplo change

A portion of R-17's upgrade results have been received, and updated.
It would appear that his haplogroup has been re-evaluated, and switched from R1b1b2 to E1b1b1, but as the standard published FT Dna results still show the former haplogroup, Family Tree DNA have been asked to advise which is the true group.
In the meantime the results have been shifted into the E haplogroup section.

The Family Tree DNA July sale is still on, offering good discounts for a number of tests, summary info available on our WFN pages. Be in.

We are still missing a number of pedigrees for our results, all welcome.

Failing that, remember that you can easily upload your results, and a gedcom, to Y-search for others to compare results, find matches outside the Family Tree DNA database (people can submit their results from other companies).

Just sign in to your personal page with Family Tree DNA, go to the Matches link on the lhs, and follow the link "Click here to upload your results to"
No tedious re-keying needed.