Monday, February 12, 2018


Check out the Rowe Project Activity Feed - available only to members - over on FamilyTreeDNA.

With the provision of that facility a while ago now, that is where updates are being posted.

A pinned post at the top of the activity feed may bear repeating here:

For those who have tested Y-DNA recently in particular, can you please review your result settings so that your results show up in the public result chart -see And make sure that you have entered your most distant paternal ancestor. Manage personal information > Genealogy > Most Distant Ancestors I see that the DNA results have a large number with no information at all about their distant ancestors so please update your information Lost? Have you tried the reading material available on the ISOGG wiki? eg'_guides_to_genetic_genealogy The Kelly Wheaton guides are excellent. If you do not have any ROWE Y-DNA matches you may find it reassuring to aim at confirming your Y-dna signature if at all possible. Get proactive, find a distant male line cousin who descends from a different distant branch of your ROWE family and convince them to also test. If you match, you have confirmed the Y-dna signature back to that point. If they don't further work needed as to figure out why and where - so try to find yet another descendant from yet another branch. If you are interested in your place on the overall tree of mankind, ie which branch down from genetic "Adam", that you join the appropriate Y-DNA haplogroup project as well. Projects > Manage Projects > Y haplogroups 

Also consider BigY testing to contribute to science as well as your overall place on the tree.
You may also care to upgrade to FamilyFinder to explore your genetic heritage from all of your relatives rather than just your direct male line (NB only Y DNA charts are presented in the project webpages, but you can use the advanced matching utilities to compare matches from other tests within the project) Hope this helps get people started and sharing