Thursday, November 5, 2009

4th: Lineage 4

Hope I'm not stretching a point too far, but with the transfer of the results to the Supplementary project pages, I've noticed that 4 sets of results appear as matches to each other in greater or lesser degree.
Lineage 4 is therefore in the process of being created, although two sets of results are only at 12 markers.
Check out Lineage 4 in the R1b1+ grid.
None of the participants, R-05, R-07, R-14 and R-19, have provided any pedigree information that I can so far spot, so there's no additional information available at the moment.
(And if you are reading this and are one of these project members, it would be good to hear from you and see where your ROE line originates.)
Also check out the DNA Projects Portal blog for details of the Holiday promotion currently being run by Family Tree DNA for discounted tests until the end of December.
A good time to jump in and see if that supposed distant cousin really is related.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3rd: Supplementary page updates

A couple more of the results have been incorporated into the Overall Result Grid on the Supplementary pages.
The rest will gradually be moved over as time permits.