Sunday, October 25, 2009

25th: Status & result updates

Long past time for an update.
We now have results from 30 kits available, but with very few matching lines.
Our 30th kit (R-34) does have a 12/12 match with an existing participant (R-02), but for genealogical matching, the bare minimum is really 37 markers (read the notes at the bottom of the join project page on the Summary project pages for more info).
15 kits are only to 12 markers and 2 to 25, with 4 to 37 and 9 to 67.

Presentation of results is in the process of changing to a more easily maintained result grid on the ROWE Detail pages of the DNA Projects Portal (they're not all there yet), leaving only an alternate result grid from Family Tree DNA on the ROWE Summary pages, which is color coded to show distance from the mode for each "group".

As before, any participant with a pedigree from Devon, or a dna result showing a match to same, is also included in the analysis of the Devon ROWE dna.
Those with such a proven pedigree, may also be interested in joining the Devon DNA project.
(To do so, log in to your personal page at Family Tree DNA, chose the Join Project link, and scroll down and select Devon from the list of surname and geographic projects available to you).

Those who haven't yet provided a pedigree for your results, please consider doing so, either via the gedcom upload option on your personal page, or to Y-Search (again from your personal page, or if you want to be included as a ROWE researcher, with linked pedigree information, on the Detail pages, send me an email (contact details on most pages).