Monday, May 25, 2009

24th: Results updated/corrected

Last update I forgot to add the rest of the marker results on the WFN result pages that were now in for R-33.
This has now been remedied, and should match those already posted on the results posted on the supplementary pages on the DNA Projects Portal (for some of the ROWE project only).
The correction portion of this comment refers to the mistake I noticed that had crept in as the WFN pages had marker 390 as 24 instead of 23, as a result, I've shifted his results up to those he matches better, match being a very loose term in this instance however.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

20th: Result updates

The WFN Results page has had a few updates:
  • a new/missing haplogroup has been confirmed,
  • some of the links from R-n on the results, to their matching pedigrees, now open in a new window directly at the pedigree concerned (previously such links weren't working fully, merely taking you to the patriarchs page because of the pages being in "frames", so I'm gradually fixing that).
Mind you, there isn't always a pedigree attached, often just a stub awaiting further information (hint hint).

Good to see that some of you have taken advantage of the Family Tree DNA upgrade offer and become curious enough to see what upgraded markers may tell you about how you match others.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

15th: Bulk email to all members

Further to yesterday's post re the upgrade offer, an email has been sent to all members of the project, (unless you have chosen NOT to be contacted by the administrator) with further details.

It includes a plea to those who have tested, but not supplied a pedigree as yet, to do so, in order to back up their results and show where their line originates.

There's a list of missing pedigrees on the Patriarchs pages, and that includes instructions on how to provide the information.

Personally, I would recommend upgrading, particularly if you have a match at 12 markers, as that is really too few to show anything much at all, 37 is more or less the minimum useful number, and 67 is fantastic! (and no I do NOT get a cut for any of this, I just enjoy finding out what science can add to our genealogy research).
DNA Projects Portal

Text of bulk email:
FTDNA is offering a SALE on Upgrades!
If you are eligible for this offer, you should already have received an email on how to take advantage of it.
If you think you are eligible, and didn't receive the email, perhaps you need to review your email settings held by FTDNA (just log in to your page and update your contact information via the link on the lhs under My Account (not sure how I thought that was going to reach you if your email was invalid, but this blog posting may!)

More details below, but while I've got your attention, I should also like to issue a plea to those of you who have tested, but not submitted a pedigree to support their results.
Our summary project pages on the WorldFamilies Network site Patriarch's page shows those without supporting data, and has links for submission of same.
Back to the business in hand:
These discounts are a great opportunity to upgrade your Y-DNA tests to at least 37 - and ideally 67 markers - at a discounted price of 25% off. (Please see the notice from Family Tree DNA below)

If you are currently only tested for 12, 25 or 37 markers, you will want to consider upgrading right away this time - as this sale is very brief.
To upgrade at this discounted price go to your FTDNA Personal Page, click on “Special Offers” in the left column, and follow the instructions. You will need to act quickly as this offer is in effect now and runs through Saturday the 23rd of May.

FTDNA's message: Over the last several years, due to the unmatched growth of our database, numerous people have confirmed and found new connections with others of their surname, and adoptees and descendants of adoptees have even found their biological surname lines.
These successes are due in large part to the size and quality of our database, which, with your help, has achieved critical mass. We have made tremendous progress, but we feel that we can do more. If you have tested 12, 25, or 37 markers, an upgrade to 37 or 67 markers could provide the relevant match that you or someone else have been waiting for.
Family Tree DNA wants to support this effort. We have decided that from May 14th through May 23nd, we will reduce all our Y-DNA upgrade prices. On average, the reduced prices will be about 25% lower than the standard upgrade price.
To order this special offer log into your personal page and click on the special offers link on the left hand navigation bar.
Upgrade Sale Prices

Standard Price Sale Price

Upgrade from 12 to 25 markers $49 $35
Upgrade from 12 to 37 markers $99 $69
Upgrade from 12 to 67 markers $198 $148
Upgrade from 25 to 37 markers $49 $35
Upgrade from 25 to 67 markers $149 $114
Upgrade from 37 to 67 markers $99 $79

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14th: Upgrade Offer

FamilyTree DNA are having an upgrade promotion for a week, so it is a good time to see what additional markers may show.
Should eligible participants wish to avail themselves of the offer, follow the instructions in the email you will be sent by Family Tree DNA (I don't yet know how much of a discount, but the promo I received said an average of 25%, and the normal 37 to 67 upgrade is $99 US, and 12 to 25, or 25 to 37 $US 49).
Note the instructions in the flier:
To order this special offer log into your personal page and click on the special offers link on the left hand navigation bar.

Friday, May 8, 2009

7th: More results; new features

As the DNA Projects Portal Site Blog for the master site states, the dna pages have had a revamp and now include rather more of the dna result grids than before.
Read the Explanations tab for how to drive it and the notes and assumptions around each chart.

All that general change notice aside, the specific changes for the ROWE project are that some of the ROWE dna result grids are now available within the DNA Projects Portal ROWE project.
The overall project summary will remain at the World Families Network pages, but selected data will now be more integrated, where appropriate.
Generally this will mean where there's a connection to Devon, but could also be where a defined lineage develops and has submitted pedigree data (not a lot of those in the project have done so).
The Projects Portal site is more flexible, can include dna signature charts, images, maps etc and grow much larger as appropriate.
Anyway, check out the growing ROWE pages at the DNA Projects Portal site, which includes the latest updates for Roger (R-33), showing that he's not a very good match with any other participants.