Monday, February 12, 2018


Check out the Rowe Project Activity Feed - available only to members - over on FamilyTreeDNA.

With the provision of that facility a while ago now, that is where updates are being posted.

A pinned post at the top of the activity feed may bear repeating here:

For those who have tested Y-DNA recently in particular, can you please review your result settings so that your results show up in the public result chart -see And make sure that you have entered your most distant paternal ancestor. Manage personal information > Genealogy > Most Distant Ancestors I see that the DNA results have a large number with no information at all about their distant ancestors so please update your information Lost? Have you tried the reading material available on the ISOGG wiki? eg'_guides_to_genetic_genealogy The Kelly Wheaton guides are excellent. If you do not have any ROWE Y-DNA matches you may find it reassuring to aim at confirming your Y-dna signature if at all possible. Get proactive, find a distant male line cousin who descends from a different distant branch of your ROWE family and convince them to also test. If you match, you have confirmed the Y-dna signature back to that point. If they don't further work needed as to figure out why and where - so try to find yet another descendant from yet another branch. If you are interested in your place on the overall tree of mankind, ie which branch down from genetic "Adam", that you join the appropriate Y-DNA haplogroup project as well. Projects > Manage Projects > Y haplogroups 

Also consider BigY testing to contribute to science as well as your overall place on the tree.
You may also care to upgrade to FamilyFinder to explore your genetic heritage from all of your relatives rather than just your direct male line (NB only Y DNA charts are presented in the project webpages, but you can use the advanced matching utilities to compare matches from other tests within the project) Hope this helps get people started and sharing

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The WorldFamiliesNetwork Summary pages for the ROWE Surname DNA project have been updated.
Main changes on the Patriarchs page:
- place holder pedigree for Nicholas ROWE, poet laureate, aka the ROWEs of Lamerton, Devon,  extended a little to place him in context (more coming in time)
- new UK ROWE pedigree included, that for Edward ROWE of Durham (d. 1633), which line is now represented in the DNA project

Main changes on the Results page:
- corrected the default table embedded on the page direct from FTDNA to be the colourized version showing the mismatches
- updated the Y STR results for a couple of those in the tables linked to the pedigrees (scroll down below the default table), added the results for the descendant of Edward ROWE, including the link to his pedigree

Pretty please - if you are one of those tested Y-DNA in the ROWE project, check how your results look.
Does your most distant ancestor show?
Do your results even show?
The cause of either not showing lies in your hands.
Check your settings from your FTDNA account's "Manage Personal Information" link.
Recommended settings, and explanations thereof linked from this post in the related DNASurnames blog

Hope you continue to find this DNA journey fascinating.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Your ROWE Surname DNA project has been converted to the new FamilyTreeDNA feature MyGroups.
As such, for an as yet unspecified time, daily coupons will be posted on the Activity Feed for the project, valid for one use only, first come, first served.
Please be kind to others and indicate on the activity feed if you have used a coupon.

The activity feed portion of the Family Tree DNA ROWE Surname project is set as private to logged in members of the ROWE project only.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nicholas ROWE, Poet Laureate

The Patriarchs' page has a placeholder for the pedigree of the family of Nicholas ROWE the Poet Laureate.
Any direct male line descendant of his extended family out there willing to do their bit for the furtherment of ROWE family knowledge and join the DNA project?
At least a Y-DNA37 test, but Y-DNA67 preferred.
Click here to join.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Remember ...

Remember to keep an eye on the DNASurnames blog for discount announcements.

The assorted ROWE DNA pages have been updated to correct a few links.

Should your ROWE family be from Devon, do remember to use any of the contact links for your details to be included in the Devon ROWE page

Sunday, December 26, 2010

26th: Results update

The chart on the results table that links to the supplied pedigrees has been updated to include the preliminary results for R-42, who is hoping to match our newest recruit, R-43.

The basic result chart, unlinked to pedigrees, is a direct link to the Family Tree DNA result spreadsheet, and should always be fully up to date, albeit not linked to any pedigrees.

Still a few days left to partake of the discounts on offer for testing via a project, see below for details.

Friday, December 10, 2010

10th: Results

The WFN Results page has had a long overdue update.
It now incorporates all grouped results BUT no longer in a format that links them to any pedigree on the Patriarchs page.
So few of the project members have actually provided a pedigree that it wasn't time effective to keep doing the manual work necessary to link the two.
As you will see, the result grid shows kit number and earliest ancestor with country of origin.
Blanks in the latter two mean that your personal preferences page hasn't been updated with that information.
An older result table continues to exist (page down) where links are in place to those pedigrees that are available.
Those interested in the pedigrees of their matches should contact the individuals directly - and perhaps take the time to upload your gedcom to your Family Tree DNA personal page - and Y-Search.

Now is a good time to take the leap into this genetic genealogy - Family Tree DNA have announced holiday specials:
FYI the sale prices are:

Price for NEW KITS: Regular Project Price (Promotional Price)
YDNA37 $149 ($119)
YDNA67 $239 ($199)
mtDNAPlus $159 ($129)
Family Finder $289 ($249)
Price for UPGRADE:
Family Finder $289 ($229)

Orders must be in and paid for by Dec. 31, 2010, to receive this offer.

Any questions, just ask.
Otherwise simply follow the order test link to make sure any order is included in the project at the discount prices.