Friday, May 8, 2009

7th: More results; new features

As the DNA Projects Portal Site Blog for the master site states, the dna pages have had a revamp and now include rather more of the dna result grids than before.
Read the Explanations tab for how to drive it and the notes and assumptions around each chart.

All that general change notice aside, the specific changes for the ROWE project are that some of the ROWE dna result grids are now available within the DNA Projects Portal ROWE project.
The overall project summary will remain at the World Families Network pages, but selected data will now be more integrated, where appropriate.
Generally this will mean where there's a connection to Devon, but could also be where a defined lineage develops and has submitted pedigree data (not a lot of those in the project have done so).
The Projects Portal site is more flexible, can include dna signature charts, images, maps etc and grow much larger as appropriate.
Anyway, check out the growing ROWE pages at the DNA Projects Portal site, which includes the latest updates for Roger (R-33), showing that he's not a very good match with any other participants.

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