Friday, November 19, 2004

Membership update

Project now has three members: two ROWEs and one ROW


  1. I am a female Rowe. Descendant of Robert McLin Rowe. He was My great grandfather. I have hit a total brick wall trying to find any documents about his birth or death. Where he was born, Etc. Can anyone help me? Can I particpate in DNA project? Unfortunately I have no brother though there are some male cousins. Any help would be appreciated. I can provide contact info if someone will provide an email or something from this site. I am totally confused about how to use this site! Thanks
    Karen Rowe

  2. Karen, as you posted anonymously I cannot reply other than via here, hoping you might actually see the comment against a 2004 post.
    "This site",, is just the project diary. Contacts and further information are available on the link top right hand side: Rowe Surname DNA Project, including information and further links about testing.
    But in essence, yes, for your ROWE DNA we need a direct male line ROWE to join the project and test for at least Y-DNA37, preferably Y-DNA67, so if one of your direct male line cousins is willing, grab him - and preferably also a more distant cousin from another branch of your earliest traced ancestral ROWE in order to confirm the dna signature.
    However, females, and anyone with a ROWE ancestor anywhere in their pedigree within the last 4-6 generations may find useful family connections by testing FamilyFinder with FamilyTreeDNA.
    Hope this helps, and that you find and read this.